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Dove Cresswell is a renown Professional Dog Trainer who trains puppies and dogs for film, television and commercials.

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Secrets to Dog Training

Over 216,196 dog owners have used Daniel Stevens 'Secrets to Dog Training' to turn even the most difficult dogs into well behaved members of society.

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Learn Your Dogs Body Language.

A dogs body language is more than a wagging tail or bared teeth.

It is a way of communication letting others know who they are, what their pack position is and much more.

Dogs have their own language.

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the obedient dog behavior guide

Welcome to obedient dog, the site dedicated only to dogs. This site provides information about dogs, dog obediencetraining, understanding dog behavioral problems and learning how to correct them.

This is a great place to learn dog obedience.

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We have owned and trained dogs for over 30 years and have documented our knowledge here. We also review training programs and dog books by other trainers. Our impartial and expert reviews are written in easy to understand, no nonsense language.

Take your time to read our reviews and articles before buying a training program and you will own a much happier, obedient dog.

We are not paid to review dog training programs or books and we do not sell them.

What we provide is information about dogs, from discovering how to get the pick of the litter to house training and obedience training

We have information on the different behaviors a dog may have, how to recognize them and how to correct them.

We have also included some information about where to get a dog such as breeders, puppy farms and rescue groups. We have a bias towards getting your puppy dog from rescue shelters.